Top 10 Mob Films of All Time

Look, we know it’s a top-10 and yet we started at 12. Just deal with it, we all are. Let us know what movies you think need to be on this list in the comments.

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#6 – Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast – A crime film quite like no other.
Jonathan Glazer’s stylish and atmospheric cockney black comedy gangster flick. Tightly written with an outstanding cast and fun fast cut cinematography. 
Sir Ben Kingsley plays a most foul-mouthed sociopathic gangster Don Logan. His performance gained him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Playing a character at the opposite pole of his Gandhi role.  
Ray Winstone as Gal Dove does a great turn as the former hard man now plump retired criminal. He is bullied back into the underworld by Don Logan that he and his beloved wife had escaped from. 
Ian McShane is incredible as the suave London crime boss Teddy Bass that is putting the gang together for one last big score.
Intense is the keyword here.
And it has simply the best opening scene ever filmed

#7 – Miller’s Crossing

The Coen Brothers outstanding gangster film noir drops in at #7.
Snappy dialog and double-double crossing twisting plot that demands careful attention and multiple viewings.  Fabulous cast doing dastardly and violent deeds. Violence, loyalty, love, hate, and friendship!  Beautifully filmed with entertaining quotable lines that draws you into the period.
Albert Finney’s Irish Mob boss Leo O’Bannon’s defending his home scene is movie poetry. Firing away with his Tommy gun wearing his silk robe and embroidered slippers while the soft strains of the poignant “Danny Boy” plays in the background to counterbalance the chatter of the machine gun and the ensuing violence is one of the most noteworthy scenes cinematic history.   
Our favorite quote –
“I don’t ask much, and I don’t ask often – trust me on this.” 
Gabriel Byrne as Tom Reagan to Albert Finney’s Leo O’Bannon

#8 – The Gentlemen

#9 – Reservoir Dogs

#10 – Snatch

#11 – Donnie Brasco

#12 – American Gangster

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